Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Coincidence? Or...(insert sinister music here)

So there is this friend of mine. Yes! I still do have friends inspite of the PJs I churn out like 'Pun'jab churns out lassi.I digress.So about this friend of mine.We meet up once in a way on weekends over a drink or four.To plan our nefarious activities we usually keep in touch on the phone as both of us have a more than one pan on the burners.Its a remarkable coincidence that the last three times i have spoken to him, while i was still on the phone , I have seen Grey Hornbills, at each time the location was different.Maybe I should bring this chap birding.God knows what we might see then, or at least give him a call if birding is not that great.


Sheetal said...

The hornbill magnet :-).. but the uninterested have all the luck, re. Remind me to tell you my great hornbill story sometime.

australopithecus said...
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