Thursday, April 13, 2006


Pelicans! What the Dickens?
Yes sirree! Pelicans
672 Pelicans
Spot-billed Pelicans
Regurgitating Pelicans
The first swooping sight beheld
A picture too amazing to be telled
In numbers so many, so close too me
Thank the lord for the bird on the tree
One decides to take off overhead and high
We lift our lenses to that cloud in the sky
Jaw locked in jaw one fed her young
Down dropped my own and out fell my tongue
On rotting hyacinths we place our behind
‘Twas a sweltering 40, reader be kind
The fever abated, now in leisurely mode
We watched these fellas in their self-made abode
Note: the pelcs like the storks a lot
How chummy they are, much buddiness, wot?
They sat mingled together not put out a jot
A bit surprising for of a feather they are not
We stared long enough to be considered rude
Walked away picking pink feathers in a summery mood.

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