Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Birdwatcher's First Notebook-Richard Edwards

Monday- to the reservoir,
Real beginner’s luck,
Saw a quack-quack-quacking thing,
Think it was a . . .. grebe.

Tuesday- to the farmyard,
Only mud, but then,
Saw a cluck-cluck-clucking thing,
Think it was a . . . partridge.

Wednesday- out at midnight,
Tom-cats on the prowl,
Heard a twit- twit- twooing thing,
Think it was a . . . nightingale.

Thursday- to the seaside,
Weather grey and dull,
Saw a big white wailing thing,
Think it was a . . . spoonbill.

Friday- brown bird on the lawn,
Outside in a rush,
Saw a worm tug-tug-tugging thing,
Think it was a . . . pipit.

Saturday- to the heathery moor,
Scanned the sky and hark!
Heard a trill-trill-trilling thing,
Think it was a . . . curlew.

Sunday- tired of Birdwatching,
Made a bamboo wicket,
Asked some friends round,
cadged a bat,
Had a game of . . . football.


Sheetal said...

Loved it, sharade.

Sharada said...

Merci beaucoup, Mademoiselle!! I have lots of Bird poems in store!!