Friday, January 13, 2006

Breakfast---- P.H. Kilby

Good morning little earthworm,
Said the speckled thrush,
Where would you be going,
So early in a rush?
I’m off to find some breakfast,
He answered with a frown.
Well so am I sir, said the thrush
And quickly gulped him down.


musicplayer said...

i like your blog

Muahahah said...

This makes me very happy - every time we put up one of these, the Urban Babblers Initiative receives a huge thrusht.

Arjun said...

let us set up a thrust fund then.

Arjun said...

a thrusht fund i meant...:D

leanne said...

This is my Grandfathers poem! i was his inspiration... :0)

Sumedha said...

Is he...? Well, I'm a teacher and have this poem in one of our text books. I'd love to know more about the the writer . Can help me... please?

Looking for award to hearing from you :)

my web:

Anonymous said...

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